Hiking, climbing, hunting beard

As I travel and going climbing a lot. I leave my beard to grow. But every time I do that I bring all stuff I need to take care for my wild beard. Basically only beard thing I didn’t do in the woods is dye my beard in some red, white, grey or black color. :)

Hahaha, one time I even grew Fu manchu. When I got home my wife almost left me and kinds didn’t recognize me.

beardoutdoorWhen you live outdoors your beard growing a lot faster I noticed. I am not sure why is that exactly but it’s pretty funny. One thing I enjoy most is sit in a quite part of the wood and just think and comb my beard.

How do you deal with beard itch and rash you may ask. It’s simple, cold weather helps a lot.

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In a search for waterproof

For the life I live it’s hard to carry all your gadgets and technology thingies. Climbing a mountain and carrying a laptop is a big no no. Big gadgets in general are hard to carry on this kind of trips. So I need to stick with the small and portable. Especially important that is wireless and Bluetooth.

I love music so I needed to find easy to carry player including some durable waterproof headphones that can provide me with a decent quality. They also come in handy when I want to take a swim and listen to the music. I like more speakers for that but they ain’t easy to carry.

So thank Jason for picking the best ones: http://www.waterproofbluetoothheadphones.net/

I love what I got. Sound quality isn’t the best. But it’s more then I expected from waterproof bluetooth headphones.

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I like to scope it, scope it!

As you all know I am a passionate gunsman, hunter, outdoorsman, climber. I love nature and nature loves me. I feel best somewhere, all alone in the woods far far away. This year I hadn’t time to do so, but that will change soon.

hike and hunt

What I had time to do is hunting with my newest rifles. And as not many of you know I also bought hand gun with the scope. It really goes hand to hand with my shotgun. On which I am also considering mounting on scope.

Also got a nice collection of shells:

dummy shotgun 
rubber shotgun
black powder shotgun
bean bag
tungsten shotgun

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Hits from the bong!

Just ordered myself a new bong. Old one got pretty old. Used him more then 5 years. And yes, it dropped a few times. But didn’t break. That’s exactly why I ordered from same company again. They really got high quality glass bongs, and you should also check them out if you enjoy smoking your herbs that way.

I smoke almost everyday. I mean I would smoke everyday if I could. I just like smoke to much. Like getting my apartment clouded. And these bongs let me do exactly that.

Also love getting new blings blings for my bong: marijuana smoking accessories

I am planning on getting this sickest bong available: cool water bongs online

dreaming glass bongs

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